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Making Computers and Internet Resources Accessible to People with

An online course for college credit
Offered spring, 2004, University of Washington Extension

Description. Computer and Internet skills create academic and career
opportunities for everyone. However, some individuals with disabilities face
significant barriers to computer and network use. The course includes an
overview of adaptive technology that provides access to computers for people
with a variety of disabilities; universal design principles that can make
World Wide Web pages, software, multi-media, computing facilities and
worksites accessible to everyone; legal issues; implementation strategies;
and useful resources. It includes five assignments and one final

Course Credit. Offered for three quarter credits as Rehabilitation
Medicine 496 or Education Curriculum and Instruction 494

Primary Audience. Designed for rehabilitation counselors, physical
therapists, occupational therapists, educators and administrators in K-12
and higher education, librarians, educational technologists, people with
disabilities, and parents and advocates of individuals with disabilities.

Schedule. Course begins March 29, 2004. Registration deadline is March 19,
2004, or as space permits. Earlier registration is recommended to ensure
timely receipt of course materials and confirmation of web access prior to
start of course. For this three-credit distance learning course, students
can sign up for: Registration # 66171 for REHAB 496 TA, or Registration #
66170 for EDC&I 494 TB

Cost. $453 registration fee (Graduate/GNM fees are higher) + $62
additional cost for purchase of VHS videotapes (The $62 fee can be avoided
if you do not want to purchase the videotapes and your computer system can
support online viewing via streaming media in RealPlayer (version 8 or
above) or Windows Media Player (version 7 or above); a broadband
(Cable/DSL/ISDN) or faster connection is recommended but a lower quality
feed is available for slower connections (35 Kbps). Web access and e-mail
required. Fees are subject to change.

Instructor. Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler, is the Director of DO-IT (Disabilities,
Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology); Co-director of AccessIT
(National Center for Accessible Information Technology in Education),
Director of the UW Access Technology Lab, and an Affiliate Associate
Professor in Education.

Registration. To register, contact the UW Extension Registration Office at
206-543-2310 or 1-800-543-2320.

See EASI Special October Bonus offer at http://easi.cc/clinic.htm
EASI November courses are:
Barrier-free E-learning, Accessible Internet Multimedia and Business Benefits of Accessible IT Design:
EASI Home Page http://www.rit.edu/~easi

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