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Terry Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
Wed Feb 11 16:41:18 PST 2004

FYI - Usablenet has now bundled "New disabled user testing" with their
LIFT Machine product. I like that they're providing web developers with
access to a team of testers with disabilities, but it seems awkward
pairing this service with their high-end server-side web accessibility
tool. It would be nice for web developers to be able to tap into the
expertise of the test team without having to buy the product - maybe
this is possible, but I'm just not seeing it in their marketing


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Hello Web Accessibility Community

Two pieces of news below:

1. New: Disabled User Testing - Combines coordinated website testing by
users with disabilities with ongoing automated monitoring tools to
secure initial compliance with accessibility standards and guidelines
and continuously accessible content. Detail below. Request a
review/info: http://www.usablenet.com/frontend/demoform.jsp?prod=lm

2. Automated Text-Mode sites with LIFT Text Transcoder - adds usability
value for alternative devices, both assistive and PDA. Real examples
and user quotes below: Request a demo:


1. Disabled User Testing Solution

This new solution is a partnership between end-users with disabilities
and technology, to secure initial compliance with accessibility
standards and guidelines as well as continuously effective web
accessibility. It will deliver to your organization and your clients
solid proof that your site can be used by the disability community as
tests will be conducted using screen readers and other assistive
technology applications and devices.

Request a review/info:

We have combined the immediate expertise and feedback of disabled
testers with the long term advantage of sophisticated, automated
monitoring of web accessibility for your web sites.

a. Your site will be tested by a group of skilled technicians with a
cross section of disabilities.

b. You will receive detailed feedback of real user issues based on web
accessibility standards you need to comply with (Section 508 or W3C

c. We will aid your team in fixing these issues with detailed
remediation information and guidance.

d. Your site and applications will be tested again. When verified, your
organization will receive a letter of confirmation for your records.

e. We will then set up an ongoing monitoring solution using LIFT Online
to ensure that you can maintain your good status.

Request a review/info:


2. Automated "Text-Mode" Solution

Automated Text-Mode sites with LIFT Text Transcoder adding usability
value for alternative devices like assistive devices and PDAs.

The Department of Transportation South Australia (SA) has added the new
text-mode server, LIFT Text Transcoder.

See what they say below and check out this feature on their site at:
http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/accessibility/accessibility_sitemap.asp -
see the link for their "new full text only version."

Get a demo of your site live at:

Aron Hausler, Web Master - Transport (SA)

".excellent service - almost fell off my chair with your email
(upgrading their service with annotations)...that is the first bit of
post-invoice proactive service I have seen in this industry in a long
time (*smile*)...that's great!!

I must say that the Text Transcoder works well and nicely fills the gap
between static sites (like ours) and dynamically generated sites (from
Content Management Systems).

We are also using the Transcoder to provide some degree of device
independent access to our Internet site. With a few tweaks the
Transcoder's output works very well on our IPAQ handhelds."


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