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More on Flash captioning...


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At Iowa (Law, Health Policy & Disability Center, we have been
for some weeks with captioned streaming Flash video. We have what is
more in the beta stage but can be seen as a proof-of-concept
application. You can view a sample at


We've used Actionscript to achieve the functionality we needed. It
the video, so there's only a short wait for the download to begin. We
Flash MX 2004, which includes a controller. However, although the
controller is keyboard accessible, the buttons are not named, so they
announce their names when a person activates them using the tab
key. Therefore, I incorporated the component into the application's
library and added names to the buttons so they will be read by a screen
reader, making the controller buttons fully accessible.

The player is designed to work with both Magpie and HiCaption output for

captioning, and can include HTML coding embedded in it (bolding,
font size, etc., can be specified within the caption file). It uses
compressed video (.flv) files.

It does require Flash Player 7, which has a much smaller market share at

this point than the 90% claimed for the full Flash suite of players.

It has some implementation problems that still need to be worked out but
generally not difficult to install. Once I have a video file and a
file, I can upload a player for the video in 20 to 30 minutes.

I will be uploading the unpublished Flash (.fla) file to our bulletin
for public download in a few days when I get the time to finish
it for public consumption. The file is large (about 75 MB) because I
incorporated the Flash components.

We are hoping this will facilitate development of Flash captioned video.

Dave Klein

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