[Accessibleweb] Camtasia vs. RoboDemo and other tools

Harry Love hlove at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 10 17:20:52 PDT 2004

For those of you considering purchasing TechSmith's Camtasia as a result
of the presentation today, be sure to explore Macromedia's RoboDemo,
RoboHelp, and Breeze first. You might find that they suit your needs
better. And, if your development team is already embedded in the
Macromedia world, you may prefer these products as they directly
integrate with their other tools.

Also, as captioning for Flash becomes easier, Macromedia stands to
become the center of the online multimedia world, especially considering
their current browser and operating system support and market penetration.

TechSmith has a good product in Camtasia, but we all know that having a
good product doesn't necessarily guarantee success or survival.

Just a thought,

Education Technology Specialist
Health Sciences Libraries
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7155

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