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Hi Eric,

The accessibility of your events calendar depends on how it's presented.

If you're planning to display the calendar using an HTML table, you just
need to be sure to use accessible table markup.

If you're planning to make the calendar interactive, where users can
search for events that match their preferences, you need to be sure to
use accessible forms markup.

Accessible table and forms techniques are both well documented in the
Section 508 "Guide to the Standards":


We at AccessIT have developed a mock site called "Accessible University"
that we use for demonstrating a variety of web accessibility issues. As
it turns out, one of the pages in the mock site is a Calendar of Events:


In this example, note that we have used accessible table markup, and
have documented this markup with extensive comments in the source code.
Also note, however, that due to the complexity of this table, it's still
going to be a challenge to understand with a screen reader. There's a
link at the bottom of the page that leads to an "Alternative accessible
calendar", in which the same information is presented in a bulleted
list, which will be much easier for many users to access.

Hope that helps.


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>I'm working on a calendar and wondered if there are special

>considerations in making a event calendar accessible.






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