[Accessibleweb] Inclusive Web Design Class, September 2

Rick Ells rells at u.washington.edu
Fri Aug 13 10:30:52 PDT 2004

I would like to invite everyone to consider signing up for our class
in early September. The 6-hour class is given through the UW Computer
Training program.


R515: Inclusive Web Design: Efficiently Creating Web Sites That Are

Thursday, September 2, 9am-4pm

This course is for Web developers and outlines simple steps you can take
in the normal process of Web site development and maintenance that will
ensure your site is accessible for handicapped persons. Topics will
include an overview of access technology, what it is like to visit your
site with adaptive and assistive technology, steps you can take at each
stage in the design process to make your site accessible, configuring Web
publishing programs to support accessible design, and how to use site
evaluation software to improve your site.

R505 and R510, or equivalent experience. Experience in Web site
development preferred.

Rick Ells, Senior Computer Specialist, Communications Group
Dan Comden: Access Technology Consultant, Adaptive Technologies Lab
Terry Thompson: Senior Computer Specialist, AccessIT

Course Fee:
$144 staff, alumni and faculty, $72 students

To sign up, go to the Computer Training Web site at...


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