[Accessibleweb] AccessibleWeb@u Meeting Notes - Nov 18, 2004

Rick Ells rells at u.washington.edu
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A very interesting demonstration of a cheap, fast way to caption video

AccessibleWeb at u - November 18, 2004
I. Speaker: Brent Robertson, Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)
A. Toll Free: 1-877-AST-SYNC ext 720
B. Mobile: 206-383-8526
C. Web: www.automaticsync.com
D. Email: brent at automaticsync.com
II. Automated Captioning Technology
A. Applying speech process and pattern identification software
to automated captioning
B. Small dedicated team
III. Benefits of Captioning
A. Section 508 compliance
B. Enrichment of delivery of media
1. Supports handicapped
2. ESL students
3. Different learning styles
C. Search and index functionality
1. Since text and video are linked, enables video search
2. Searches can key to specific locations within video
D. Obstacles to Captioning
1. Quantity
2. Timeliness
3. Cost
4. Complexity
E. What is automated captioning?
1. You provide the video media file and a transcript
(simple text file) and they give you a captioning file
in any of a number of formats that allows you to
synchronize display of the video and the text.
2. Works particularly well for Webcast video.
F. How To
1. System can accept wide variety of media files as input
(.wav, .mp3, .wma, .rm, .ra. .mov, .wmv)
a. If you have video tape need line-21 encoder
2. No preparation required for Web media
3. Obtaining the transcript
a. You can provide the transcript as a plain text file
b. Or you can have AST make one
1. The transcribers like to know the subject area
so they can find good transcriber
knowledgeable in the vocabulary used in the
4. Web-based User Interface
a. You submit your media file and transcript on the
AST Web site at [3]http://www.automaticsync.com
b. Upload transcript and media file
c. 10 minutes later get back result
5. Streaming Media is Ideal
a. Text is in a separate pane, no obscuring the video
b. More flexible fonts, colors and line lengths
c. Also can do captioning for other video technologies
6. Search and Index
a. Search engines can search the captioning files
b. A great freeby you get when you get the captioning
c. Major benefit for all users
IV. AST reduces barriers
A. Fast
1. You can caption a one hour show in three minutes
B. Cheap
1. Prices range from $70 to $30 per video hour, depending
upon quantity
C. Easy
1. simple web based submission interface

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