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Here are some recent articles you might find interesting:

Information Technology in Education Accessibility Checklist
AccessIT ADA & IT Technical Assistance Center

How well are you doing? Work your way through the IT checklist to
find out.


Cultivating and Maintaining Web Accessibility Expertise and Institutional
Support in Higher Education

Paul R. Bohman
Technology Coordinator, Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities
George Mason University


University Web Accessibility Policies:
A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough
WebAIM - Web Accessibility In Mind

IBM Systems Journal
Vol. 44, no. 3

An entire issue of the IBM Systems Journal of articles on accessbility
and learning. Opening blurb:

"Making information technology accessible to the largest possible
population of users has become a significant aspect of application and
system development. Providing accessibility involves designing and
modifying technology to make it accessible to users who would otherwise
be unable to use it. This has become a growing element of the design
process, due to government mandates as well as business considerations.
Hardware and software assistive technologies have opened the Web to
users with disabilities, though considerable work still needs to be
done in order to achieve the goal of end-to-end accessibility for
all users. This issue contains 13 papers on architectures, tools,
applications, and assistive technologies designed to increase
accessibility for diverse user groups."


-Architecture and accessibility-

Accessibility requirements for systems design to accommodate
users with vision impairments P. Brunet, B. A.
Feigenbaum, K. Harris, C. Laws, R. Schwerdtfeger, and L. Weiss

Designing software architectures to facilitate
accessible Web applications D. Hoffman, E. Grivel, and L. Battle

An architecture and applications for speech-based accessibility
systems M. Turunen, J. Hakulinen, K.-J. Räihä, E.-P. Salonen,
A. Kainulainen, and P. Prusi


Evaluating accessibility by simulating the experiences of users
with vision or motor impairments J. Mankoff, H. Fait, and R. Juang

Managing usability for people with disabilities in a large Web
presence M. King, J. W. Thatcher, P. M. Bronstad, and R. Easton

A proposed architecture for integrating accessibility test tools
P. Englefield, C. Paddison, M. Tibbits, and I. Damani

-Individual learning styles and needs-

Are guidelines enough? An introduction to designing Web sites
accessible to older people
S. Milne, A. Dickinson, A. Carmichael, D. Sloan, R. Eisma, and P. Gregor

Improving Web accessibility through an enhanced open-source browser
V. L. Hanson, J. P. Brezin, S. Crayne, S. Keates, R. Kjeldsen,
J. T. Richards, C. Swart, and S. Trewin

Accessibility, transcription, and access everywhere
K. Bain, S. Basson, A. Faisman, and D. Kanevsky

Universal access to ambient intelligence environments:
Opportunities and challenges for people with disabilities
P. L. Emiliani and C. Stephanidis

-Applications and assistive technologies-

A mouse adapter for people with hand tremor
J. L. Levine and M. A. Schappert

Personalization, interaction, and navigation in
rich multimedia documents for print-disabled users
H. L. Petrie, G. Weber, and W. Fisher

Semantic triage for increased Web accessibility
S. Harper and S. Bechhofer

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