[Accessibleweb] Minutes - May 17, 2007: Publication Services Web Publishing

Rick Ells rells at cac.washington.edu
Tue May 29 15:40:12 PDT 2007

Title: Publication Services Web Publishing: Design, Budgets, and
Accessibility - Making It Work
Speakers: Nigel Heinsius, Brian Vogt, and Rich Burmeister

PowerPoint Slides:

Notes in addition to what is on the slides:

1. Pub Services has built up a Creative Consultants Network offering
a variety of services:
2. Many clients and designers do not have accessibility on their radar
3. Technical compromises do not sit well with designers, who may be
trying to convey a particular look with specific font styles or
other graphical features not easy to do in XHTML/CSS
4. Doing standards-based designs often takes longer than the old slop
code and tables methods. Clients may not want to pay or take the
- Clients used to building their pages in DreamWeaver or other
Wysiwyg programs where they can tweak until it is right do not
know what is happening with XHTML/CSS.
5. Before creating a standards-based site or converting an old site
to standards, clarify with the client what is happening. Identifying
phases of design, template building, and site production as
distinct processes and quote them separately.
6. Initially, do standards-based designs is more time-consuming.
Some things can help speed things up:
- A set of standardized templates for common layouts
- Use CSS development programs to initiate stylesheet creation:
= Coda "one window Web development"
Runs on Macs
= CSSEdit
Also runs only Macs
= Web Developer toolbar
Addon to FireFox
= FireBug
= HTML-Kit with Tidy
Windows only
7. Some recent Pub Services Web Design sites:
- Life Sciences Discovery Fund
- Office of Multicultural Affairs
- National Alzheimers Research Center
- Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center

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