[Accessibleweb] Screen reader for OS X

Marcus Duke mduke at u.washington.edu
Thu May 31 14:35:47 PDT 2007

I need to find an OS X-compatible text-only browser to replace my
moribund OS 9 Lynx program for accessibility testing. Can you
recommend anything?

The alternative will be to install Parallels and Win XP on my Mac,
but first I'd like to know if there's a good OS X screen reader. If I
do go the XP route, what might you recommend for the Win platform? I
take it there are more options available for Win.

I should also ask whether there is a difference between what Lynx is
and what people mean on this list when they say "screen reader." I
infer they are the same, but...?

Marcus Duke
Web Editor
Washington Sea Grant
mduke at u.washington.edu

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