[Accessibleweb] WCAG Samurai Errata for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0

Dylan Wilbanks wilbanks at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 14 15:58:25 PDT 2007

> http://wcagsamurai.org/errata/intro.html


> "These errata do not cover WCAG 2.0 in any respect. The WCAG

> Samurai Errata are published as an alternative to WCAG 2. You

> may comply with WCAG 2, or with these errata, or with

> neither, but not with both at once."

BTW, this was on the heels of Joe Clark's announcement he will be leaving
web accessibilty.


Dylan Wilbanks
Web Producer
Sch of Pub Hlth, U of Washington

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