[Accessibleweb] Public humiliation time

Dylan Wilbanks wilbanks at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 5 15:33:13 PST 2007

> Dylan,


> The home page looks really good. My one comment on it is the

> PDF link (Epi Expo) that isn't marked as such. I was

> surprised when I clicked on it, and it's can be an issue

> because you lose your navigation.

Yeah, that's a perpetual problem for me -- I don't control that content. I'm
looking at using the CSS attribute selector to solve that problem.

> As for the internal pages, I think one easy thing to make it

> more unified would be to get the backgrounds to match. It

> would at least give a better sense that it is all the same

> site until things become more unified.

That's a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

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