[Accessibleweb] How about an AIR-UW?

Rick Ells rells at u.washington.edu
Tue Nov 6 09:56:27 PST 2007


One of my Web designer buddies on Facebook reminded me that this is
the AIR time of year.

"An Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) challenges local teams of web
professionals to learn about accessibility through a series of training
and networking activities. Once they are trained in accessibility tools
and techniques, the web teams are matched to a local nonprofit agency in
need of web development assistance. After a 10-day planning period, the
teams and their nonprofit "clients" all assemble for one high-energy work
day in which the new, accessible web sites are finalized. An expert panel
of judges review the resulting entries and determine winners, who are
recognized at a high-profile awards party."

"2007 marks the 10th year of the AIR competitions. This year's competition
will end with a statewide final between winning teams from Houston, Austin
and San Antonio."

If Texas (and Boston) can do it, why can't the UW?



We have plenty of departments with limited resources to create their Web
sites that might jump at the offer of a small team upgrading their pages
to current methods which would be more accessible and easier to maintain.

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