[Accessibleweb] Accessibility SIG?

Rick Ells rells at u.washington.edu
Wed Nov 14 12:42:44 PST 2007

The message below was recently sent to the Techsupport list. Is anyone on
the AccessibleWeb at U list interested in establishing a UW accessible IT
special interest group? If so, take the survey

The following is a message from the UW Computing Directors:

Are you interested in meeting and working with others on campus with
similar technology interests to yours? If so, please read on:

The UW Computing Directors, C&C, OIM, and others have pulled together
resources to launch an exciting concept at UW: Special Interest Group
(SIG) topical area connections, particularly in the technology and
information spaces across the University of Washington.

The end goals of this effort will allow individuals to:

* Bring together people with similar interests, and provide an arena for
sharing ideas, capturing and cataloging information about that topic.
* Find a Special Interest Group at UW on an IT topic of interest, and
discover the cataloged background, wisdom and technical expertise of
that group, as well as contribute to that body of knowledge.
* Start a new SIG on a topic you find interesting, with assistance to
help get it off the ground and sustain it.
* Get access to tools that make SIG participation easy.
* Create a channel of communication to C&C, OIM, and others at UW.
* Participate in and help build a community of IT professionals here at
UW to maximize synergy.
* Get answers from a UW Technology Leader.
* Provide your expertise to others.
* Raise awareness of IT projects, needs, and potential synergies to
University leadership, and help shape IT direction in a focused area.

A brief survey is available to collect interest in such topical
conversations and to then build connections between people with similar
interests. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.
Thank you in for your participation!

Survey URL: http://go.cac.washington.edu/go/?LinkID=36

Thank you,
Brian McFarlane
Director of Technology Operations
School of Nursing University of Washington
UW Box 357260
Phone :: 206-685-6615
Fax :: 206-543-3624
Email :: samspade at u.washington.edu

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