[Accessibleweb] Accessible menu system without popup/dropdowns

Marcus Duke mduke at u.washington.edu
Fri Nov 30 15:09:53 PST 2007

I'm seeking an easier solution than CSS (i.e., javascript) to replace
a set of menus, and I'd like it to be politically correct (e.g.,

The catch is most programs/options I have found are all for popup/
dropdown submenus. I don't want this; I want all menu levels to be
static, other than the "you are here" hint.

That may be all you need to read to help, but if you want more info
(e.g., context), here ya be:

The site in question is http://depts.washington.edu/poeweb.

Then, here's an example of a site done for us by UW Creative Services
that uses only CSS for the menus:


This works great but the somewhat byzantine CSS may be a bit unwieldy
for the client, who may have little understanding of CSS (other than
that which Dreamweaver so horrifically does when you want auto-pilot

And, in case you wonder why I want to change the existing code:
currently the poeweb site has a template file for nearly every page
in the site....doh!

I would to make the site much more manageable for those who will
maintain it (e.g., 1 template for each child directory is all they
should have, not 1 each for nearly every page in every directory).

Marcus Duke

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