[Accessibleweb] Accessible menu system without popup/dropdowns

Jill Yetman jyetman at u.washington.edu
Fri Nov 30 15:31:36 PST 2007

UDM4 is "politically correct" mainly because it allows keyboard
navigation with flyouts - most flyout menus do not.

You might want to try editing an existing css menu


Dylan Wilbanks wrote:

>> I'm seeking an easier solution than CSS (i.e., javascript) to

>> replace a set of menus, and I'd like it to be politically

>> correct (e.g., http://www.udm4.com).


>> The catch is most programs/options I have found are all for

>> popup/ dropdown submenus. I don't want this; I want all menu

>> levels to be static, other than the "you are here" hint.


>> That may be all you need to read to help, but if you want

>> more info (e.g., context), here ya be:


>> The site in question is http://depts.washington.edu/poeweb.


>> Then, here's an example of a site done for us by UW Creative

>> Services that uses only CSS for the menus:


>> http://wsg.washington.edu


>> This works great but the somewhat byzantine CSS may be a bit

>> unwieldy for the client, who may have little understanding of

>> CSS (other than that which Dreamweaver so horrifically does

>> when you want auto-pilot styles...ugh).


> I'm unclear about what you want to do here. Is the issue that you want to

> create a menu where the content is separated from the style? Do you want

> different submenus to pop out depending on where you are on the site?


> Could you clarify a little better what you're trying to do here?


> Thanks.


> dw


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