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Sheryl Burgstahler sherylb at u.washington.edu
Mon Dec 3 08:51:34 PST 2007

New site for individuals with disabilities not very accessible...that's
unfortunate. Consider giving suggestions to the webmaster to
encourage him/her to make this product more accessible.

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The webiste is not very accessible.

They do not even include labels for form controls.

Here is an FAE report:


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Note no captions or descriptions on their videos.

Anyone try it with a screen reader?

... Larry ...

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>I don't know anything about the site or it quality.


>It is up. I post this just FYI.




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>Disaboom website


>When the Disaboom.com site launches in September of 2007, it will transform

>the way people with disabilities live their lives. Every tool they want or

>need from finding medical information written in easy-to-understand language

>to buying disability specific products, from taking a vacation to building

>relationships with other Disaboom members, from travel tips and reviews to

>entering athletic events or checking the weather, will be in one place. It's

>an all encompassing community that meets basic needs, but also educates its

>audience about their conditions and strives to improve the overall quality


>their lives. Disaboom.com's goal is to become the single most important

>website for those living with disabilities.








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