[Accessibleweb] Great stuff - here are some of my favorites

Rick Ells rells at u.washington.edu
Fri Dec 14 09:26:45 PST 2007

Keep those tool suggestions coming! Love it.

Here are my favorite tools, most of which you have heard before.

For developing validated, standards-based code with good separation of
content from presentation:

o Firebug, an add-on for FireFox that greatly speeds up cracking
problems in Web page behaviors

o Web Developer toolbar, very handy set of tools, especially the
live CSS editor and the Outliner

o HTML-Kit, a Windows editor with Tidy built-in.

o Coda, a Mac Web development environment with lots of stuff.
Have not used it much yet but it looks very good and others
have praised it highly


o Accessible Website Drop Down Menu

For analyzing accessibility of pages and sites:

o Colour Contrast Analyzer for Web Pages, from Vision Australia,
a Windows program for evaluating whether your choice of colors
will work for people with color-blindness.

o Cynthia Says, a web site useful when reviewing someone's site
for accessibility problems. The output lists accessibility
criteria, bolding the ones that might be a problem. Talking
over the whole listing with the person helps them understand
accessibility considerations.

Useful informational Web sites and blogs:

o Guild of Accessible Web Designers, remarkably good blog focused
on accessibility

o Boxes and Arrows, general blog for Web designers, with lots of good
articles about accessibility in the real technology world

o A List Apart, of course.

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