[Alpine-info] [Alpine-announce] Alpine 2.00 now available

Jeff Franklin jpf at washington.edu
Tue Aug 26 20:26:34 PDT 2008

The University of Washington is pleased to announce the release of version
2.00 of the Alpine Messaging System.

Among its many improvements, this release introduces integrated secure
messaging support (via S/MIME) as well as a completely redesigned,
interactive web interface.

Version 2.00 also marks the transition of the Alpine Messaging Team's role
of direct, active development to one more oriented toward supporting
community driven development. The team intends to continue hosting source,
coordinating and consulting on contributed fixes and additions, and
packaging periodic releases.

The full Alpine 2.00 source release is available from:

Source code for the latest Alpine release is available at:

(MD5: 0f4757167baf5c73aa44f2ffa4860093)
(MD5: c4be68e6889e78d8238e6beef6986871)
(MD5: 84e44cbf71ed674800a5d57eed9c1c52)

Pre-built binaries for Mac OS X are also available at the above url.

The PC-Alpine distribution is available as an installer program or as a
zip file of execultables at the above url, or at:

(MD5: 6085cc628179eb9606765154a74732f4)
(MD5: cef694c0b13419c6b43585ba1da35304)

Linux RPMs built under Fedora Core 7 and Debian packages built under
Debian 4.0 are also available at:

(MD5: 8854b6a12bc3606c5c87e1ea4dd1e5e4)
(MD5: 877a19da8a0e1ea3e8c23eec524bdb35)
(MD5: 911c422f02054c6e58a472776b06787b)

Additionally, Web Alpine is available for evaluation at:


Lastly, the Alpine Messaging Team cannot thank enough all the people who
have contibuted their invaluable time, skill and effort to support this
project and their millions of fellow users over the years.

Thank you and Enjoy!

- The Alpine Messaging Team
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