[Alpine-info] Re-alpine 2.03 release(late but still)

Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik ruskie at codemages.net
Wed Aug 14 10:28:52 PDT 2013

Sorry for the very late announce for this but still here it is...

The release was made on 2012-12-21 by Joshua Daniel Franklin.

And here's the changelog:
Geoffrey Thomas - Remove phone_home code
Joshua Daniel Franklin - Remove unlicensed file - this makes pico unbuildable on windows
Max Agapov - Fix for bug 3170864, fix incorrect display of non-ASCII names of attachments
Joshua Miller - bug 3201704, to fix signed+encrypted S/MIME messages
Alexander Klimov - use domainname in message-id if possible
Rex Dieter - hopefully fix ftbfs openssl issues once and for all (sf bug
Andraž Levstik - removed packages/debian
Anonymous contributor: Update to RFC 5751 as per bug 3428168

I don't expect many patches or fixes from re-alpine but mostly keeping
it building on newer and newer version of libs and compilers. But I'll
still take patches from anyone offering them(I still have 2 minor ones
to apply).

Hopefully someone finds it useful enough.

Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik
Source Mage GNU/Linux mage
Re-Alpine Coordinator http://sourceforge.net/projects/re-alpine/

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