[Amath-seminars] AMath Seminar Thursday at 4pm

Randy LeVeque rjl at washington.edu
Wed Oct 15 09:58:13 PDT 2008

Speaker: Uwe Bandelow, Head of Research Group "Laserdynamics" at
Weierstrass-Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS) Berlin

Title: "Modeling and Analysis of Master-Oscillator Power-Amplifier Semiconductor

When: Thursday Oct 16, 4pm

Where: GUG 416

Abstract: The talk is dedicated to the modeling and analysis of nonlinear
effects in high-brightness semiconductor lasers (MOPA), that consist of a
master-oscillator (MO) and a power-amplifier (PA) section with a trapezoidal
structure. These MOPA devices can emit several Watts optical power and show a
richness of nonlinear effects. The theoretical investigations of such effects
will be closely related to experiments and provide guidelines for qualitative
dynamics. Such analysis can be reduced to some extent to previous analysis of
the longitudinal dynamics of multisection semiconductor lasers, albeit having
non comparable beam profiles and output powers.


Next Week: Boeing Distinguished Colloquia in Applied Mathematics
Speaker: John Bush, MIT
Title: Interfacial Biomechanics
Time: Thursday, October 23, 4pm
Where: GUG 210
Abstract and bio: see http://www.amath.washington.edu/events/boeing/

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