[Amath-seminars] Boeing Distinguished Lecture: John Bush on 10/23

Randy LeVeque rjl at washington.edu
Fri Oct 17 15:44:21 PDT 2008

Boeing Distinguished Colloquium in Applied Mathematics

Please join us for the second talk in this series and the
reception afterwards.

More info and pictures: http://www.amath.washington.edu/events/boeing

Speaker: John Bush, MIT
Title: Interfacial Biomechanics
Time: 4pm on Thursday, October 23
Place: Guggenheim 220 (the Auditorium)

Abstract: We examine several biological systems dominated by the
influence of surface tension. Particular attention is given to
elucidating natural strategies for water-repellency, underwater
breathing, fluid transport on a small scale, and walking on
water. Examples are primarily taken from the world of insects,
but capillary feeding in shorebirds is also highlighted, and
the mechanics of spider capture silk touched upon. A number
of Nature's designs are rationalized and serve as inspiration
for biomimetic microfluidic devices.

John Bush is on the faculty in the Mathematics Department
at MIT and is Director of the department's Fluid Dynamics
Laboratory. His research involves an interplay between
experimental and theoretical modeling techniques, and is
focussed towards identifying and elucidating new fluid dynamical
phenomena. He is particularly interested in Geophysical
and Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Surface Tension-Driven
Phenomena, and Biofluidynamics. Among his distinctions,
Professor Bush received the Gallery of Fluid Motion Award of
the APS Division of Fluid Mechanics each year between 1999
and 2003. He received an NSF Career Award in 2002. In 2003,
the department faculty selected him to be the initial holder
of the Edward F. Kelly Research Award.


Coming Attractions:

Speaker: Mark Lewis, University of Alberta
Title: Population spread and the dynamics of biological invasions
Time: 4pm on Thursday, November 6, 2008
Place: Guggenheim 220 (the Auditorium)

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