[Amath-seminars] AMath Seminar by LeVeque postponed to April 22 / talk by Denlinger this week

Randy LeVeque rjleveque at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 11:44:40 PST 2010

My talk, previously announced as happening this Thursday, is being
postponed to April 22 at 4pm in GUG 220. It turns out there's a
conflict with a talk by one of my collaborators, who is speaking this
Thursday at 3:30pm in the Earth and Space Sciences Department. I'd
like hear Roger's talk and others may also find it of interest:

Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 3:30pm
JHN 102, ESS Seminar Series
Roger Denlinger, Geophysicist, United States Geological Survey, Vancouver, WA
Title: "Castastrophic inundation and slow drainage: the story of the
Missoula Floods"

Also, please note that the Boeing Distinguished Applied Mathematics
Colloquium by A. Fokas of Cambridge that was originally scheduled for
April 22 has been moved to April 1. See
http://www.amath.washington.edu/events/boeing/ for the Boeing talks
or http://www.amath.washington.edu/events/ for the schedule of all AMath talks.

Sorry for the confusion!

- Randy LeVeque

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