[Amath-seminars] Boeing Distinguished Lecture - Marsha Berger, Thursday Jan 5

Eli Shlizerman shlizee at uw.edu
Tue Jan 3 15:16:41 PST 2012

Dear all,

This Thursday January 5th, Marsha Berger from the Courant Institute,
NYU will be the guest of the AMATH dept. and deliver the Boeing
Distinguished Colloquium.
Hope to see you all there!

Boeing Distinguished Lecture Series

Marsha Berger
Courant Institute, NYU

Cut-Cell Methods for Flows in Complicated Geometry

Thursday, January 5, 2011
220 Guggenheim, 4:00 pm
(Reception to follow on 4th floor of Guggenheim)

The Cartesian grid embedded boundary approach has attracted much
interest in the last decade due to the ease of grid generation for
complicated geometries. This approach uses rectangular Cartesian
meshes over most of the domain, with irregular, or cut cells at the
where the mesh intersects a solid body. It is in routine use in design
projects at NASA Ames to automate the solution of steady inviscid
compressible flow. Extending the method however to compute
time-dependent flow or viscous flow is much more complicated.
In this talk we first briefly describe our approach to embedded
boundary computations, and illustrate what distinguishes it from level
set or other immersed boundary approaches. We present examples showing
the current state for computing steady invsicid flow at NASA Ames. The
second half of the talk will concentrate on the algorithmic issues
that arise when trying to extend the method to compute time-dependent
and viscous flows. We present our preliminary work in two space
dimensions illustrating a simpli- fied but second-order accurate
approach to solving the so-called small-cell problem faced by explicit
difference schemes. We also show our recent work in computing high
Reynolds number flow without using the anisotropic re- finement which
is possible with a body-fitted grid.

Eli Shlizerman
Acting Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics,
University of Washington, Seattle

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