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Dear all,

This Thursday January 19th, Walter Strauss from Brown will be the guest of
the AMATH dept. and will deliver the Boeing Distinguished Colloquium.

Hope to see you all there!

Boeing Distinguished Lecture Series

Walter Strauss
Brown University

Steady Rotational Water Waves

Thursday, January 19, 2012
220 Guggenheim, 4:00 pm
(Reception to follow on 4th floor of Guggenheim)

Precise study of water waves began with the derivation of the basic
mathematical equations of fluids by the great Euler in 1752. In the two
and a half centuries since then, the theory of fluids has played a central
role in the development of mathematics. Water waves are fluids with a free
surface. I will discuss periodic waves that travel at a constant speed.
Using local and global bifurcation theory, we now know how to prove that
there exist very many such waves. They may have either small or large
amplitudes. I will outline the existence proof, joint with Adrian
Constantin, and then exhibit some computations, joint with Joy Ko,
of the waves using numerical continuation. The computations
illustrate certain relationships between the amplitude, energy and mass
flux of the waves. If the vorticity is sufficiently large, the first
stagnation point of the wave occurs either at the crest, on the bed
directly below the crest, or in the interior of the fluid. The
vorticity also affects the pressure beneath the fluid and the behavior of
the fluid particles. This work is a perfect example of the synergy between
theory and computation.

Eli Shlizerman
Department of Applied Mathematics,
University of Washington, Seattle
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