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Reminder of the talk today...

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Subject: Applied Math Seminar Thursday by Diego Melgar
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Diego Melgar, a grad student at UCSD working with on coupling our
tsunami model to real-time earthquake warnings, will be visiting
Wednesday through Friday this week. He will describe some of his work
on Thursday afternoon, all are welcome....

Applied Math Seminar

Speaker: Diego Melgar, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, UCSD

Title: Rapid Earthquake Source Models and Applications to
Near-Source Tsunami Modeling

Time and Date: 4:00pm on Thursday 18 April 2013

Place: Miller 301


Recent progress in real-time GPS has allowed the on-the-fly
integration of GPS and accelerometer data for broadband monitoring of
medium to large earthquakes. An innovative method for combination of
seismic and geodetic measurements via a tightly-coupled Kalman filter
will be discussed. In this scheme strong motion accelerations are
combined with raw GPS observations yielding real-time broadband strong
motion velocity and displacement waveforms. The potential these data
products hold for earthquake early warning will be addressed, with
results from several events ranging in magnitude from Mw 4.6 to Mw
9.0. Furthermore, these data products can be used to model the seismic
source; obtaining centroid moment tensor and slip inversion estimates
in only a few minutes after origin time with minimal operator
interaction. Particular emphasis will be placed on ongoing work that
gauges the impact that such rapid source models have on quick tsunami
computations and the potential for source-model based tsunami early
warning as opposed to the current data-base driven approach.

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