[Amath-seminars] Fwd: Richard Tapia visiting/speaking next week

Randall J LeVeque rjl at uw.edu
Wed May 1 16:30:54 PDT 2013

Richard Tapia from Rice University will be visiting UW Thursday
and Friday and is giving an AMath Seminar at 4pm in Miller 301, see below.

He is also giving the MathAcrossCampus talk on Friday May 3 at 3:30pm
in Kane 220 on "Math at top speed: exploring and breaking myths in the
drag racing folklore", http://www.math.washington.edu/mac/

Richard is a well known applied mathematician both for his scientific
work in optimization and related areas and for his work to increase
diversity and opportunities for under-represented minorities in the
mathematical sciences. Among many other honors he was awarded the
National Medal of Science from President Obama in 2011. His webpage
has more information about his various activities:

Applied Math Seminar

Speaker: Richard Tapia, Rice University

Title: The Isoperimetric Problem Revisited:
Extracting a Short Proof of Sufficiency from
Euler's 1744 Approach to Necessity

Time and Date: 4:00pm on Thursday 2 May 2013

Place: Miller 301


Our primary objective in this study is to present a short, elementary,
and teachable solution of the isoperimetric problem. A secondary
objective is to give a brief, but reasonably complete, overview of the
remarkable life of the isoperimetric problem. In 1744 Euler
constructed multiplier theory to solve the isoperimetric problem .
However, contrary to Euler's belief, satisfaction of his multiplier
rule is not a sufficient condition to demonstrate that the circle is a
solution. In 1995 in a short paper aptly entitled A Short Path to the
Shortest Path Peter Lax constructed what is currently considered to be
the shortest and most elementary of all existing proofs. This
background material is presented to set the stage for our
demonstration that Euler's approach can be extended to give a
sufficiency proof that we believe to be short and elementary and
competitive with the Lax proof from this point of view

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