[Amath-seminars] REMINDER: Trends in Optimization Seminar - Mario Micheli - Tuesday Feb 11 at 4:00 - GUG 218

Amin Jalali amjalali at u.washington.edu
Sun Feb 9 19:31:36 PST 2014

Dear fellow optimizers,

Just a quick reminder: Mario Micheli from our Mathematics Department will
be giving the next TOPS talk.

TOPS organizers
February 11, 2014, 4:00pm
GUG 218

*Speaker: Mario Micheli, UW Math*

*Title: An Opti-miza-tion Approach for Image Recov-ery Through Opti-cal

*Abstract: *The phe-nom-e-non that is com-monly referred to as opti-cal
"tur-bu-lence" in imag-ing is caused by the time and space-varying
refrac-tion index of the air which is due, among other fac-tors, to
tem-per-a-ture, air pres-sure, humid-ity, and wind con-di-tions between the
acquired scene and the image-capturing device. The above described
dis-tor-tion may be mod-eled, at least to a first approx-i-ma-tion, as the
com-bi-na-tion of a blur-ring effect and a time-dependent defor-ma-tion of
the image domain. After briefly intro-duc-ing the math-e-mat-i-cal
mod-el-ing of images and video, in this talk I shall describe an algo-rithm
that cor-rects for the geo-met-ric defor-ma-tion and the blur that affect
the images. Both the esti-ma-tion of the image defor-ma-tions and the
deblur-ring algo-rithm are for-mu-lated as opti-miza-tion prob-lems, to be
solved with vari-a-tional tech-niques. Results from sev-eral exper-i-ments
will be shown.
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