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All are welcome to this upcoming talk:

Applied Math Seminar

Speaker: Professor Jinkyu Yang, UW Aero & Astro Department

Title: Solitons and Breathers in Periodic Structures and
Their Novel Engineering Applications

Time and Date: Tuesday May 13 at 11:30am

Place: Lewis 208


A superb mechanism for impact mitigation and damage tolerance has been
developed in hard biological systems, from beaks of birds to exoskeletons
of crabs and lobsters, over the millennia. These natural materials exploit
strategically arranged, periodic architectures of relatively simple and
weak constituents. Inspired by such clever biological systems in nature, we
study how to design, fabricate, and characterize a new class of tunable
material systems composed of ordered building blocks under various contact
mechanisms and assembled architectures. In this talk, I will explain the
fundamental wave dynamics and mechanics of these structured systems –
particularly in 1D helical and 2D/3D woodpile architectures – with focus on
generating and controlling highly nonlinear solitons and discrete breathers
(both bright and dark structures) in an efficient manner. Potential
engineering applications are also explored, including the development of
impact mitigating structures, wave modulators and logic gates, and
sensory systems.


Jinkyu “JK” Yang joined the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics &
Astronautics in the summer of 2013. Formerly, he was an Assistant Professor
in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Carolina (2011-2013).
He was a postdoctoral research scholar at Caltech (2009-2011) and also has
industrial experience in product development as a senior in Aeronautics and
Astronautics at Stanford University in 2001 and 2005, respectively. He is a
recipient of the Breakthrough Rising Star Faculty Award from the University
of South Carolina, the Nicholas J. Hoff Award from Stanford University, and
a Rotary International Scholarship.
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