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Tue May 13 09:55:29 PDT 2014

Reminder of this seminar at 11:30 today. We will also try to stream it on
GoToMeeting, see the info at the bottom of this message to connect.

- Randy

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> Applied Math Seminar

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> Speaker: Professor Jinkyu Yang, UW Aero & Astro Department


> Title: Solitons and Breathers in Periodic Structures and

> Their Novel Engineering Applications


> Time and Date: Tuesday May 13 at 11:30am


> Place: Lewis 208


> Abstract:


> A superb mechanism for impact mitigation and damage tolerance has been

> developed in hard biological systems, from beaks of birds to exoskeletons

> of crabs and lobsters, over the millennia. These natural materials exploit

> strategically arranged, periodic architectures of relatively simple and

> weak constituents. Inspired by such clever biological systems in nature, we

> study how to design, fabricate, and characterize a new class of tunable

> material systems composed of ordered building blocks under various contact

> mechanisms and assembled architectures. In this talk, I will explain the

> fundamental wave dynamics and mechanics of these structured systems –

> particularly in 1D helical and 2D/3D woodpile architectures – with focus on

> generating and controlling highly nonlinear solitons and discrete breathers

> (both bright and dark structures) in an efficient manner. Potential

> engineering applications are also explored, including the development of

> impact mitigating structures, wave modulators and logic gates, and

> soliton-based

> sensory systems.


> Bio


> Jinkyu “JK” Yang joined the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics &

> Astronautics in the summer of 2013. Formerly, he was an Assistant Professor

> in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Carolina (2011-2013).

> He was a postdoctoral research scholar at Caltech (2009-2011) and also has

> industrial experience in product development as a senior in Aeronautics and

> Astronautics at Stanford University in 2001 and 2005, respectively. He is a

> recipient of the Breakthrough Rising Star Faculty Award from the University

> of South Carolina, the Nicholas J. Hoff Award from Stanford University, and

> a Rotary International Scholarship.



1. Please join my meeting, May 13, 2014 at 11:30 AM PDT.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or,
call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (786) 358-5420
Access Code: 952-221-597
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