[Amath-seminars] Seminar by James Rossmanith on June 5

Randall J LeVeque rjl at uw.edu
Mon Nov 24 08:52:25 PST 2014

Sorry for adding another talk to a busy day of 3 PhD defenses, but
James Rossmanith from Iowa State will be visiting for only a couple
days and kindly agreed to give a talk....


Speaker: James Rossmanith, Iowa State University

Title: A Mixed Fluid-Kinetic Solver for the Vlasov-Poisson System

Time and Date: 3:00pm on Friday, Dec. 5, 2014

Place: Lewis 208


The dynamics of plasma can be simulated using kinetic or fluid models.
Kinetic models are valid over most of the spatial and temporal scales that
are of physical relevance in many application problems; however, they are
computationally expensive due to the high-dimensionality of phase space.
Fluid models have a more limited range of validity, but are generally
computationally more tractable than kinetic models. One critical aspect of
fluid models is the question of what assumptions to make in order to close
the fluid model. A theoretically ideal but practically difficult to achieve
model would combine positive aspects from both the kinetic and fluid models.

In this work we develop and study an approach to hybridize fluid models with
the Vlasov equation. The transfer of information from the kinetic to the
fluid model (i.e., restriction) can be readily handled through the
computation of moments. How to handle the transfer in the other direction
(i.e., prolongation) is much less clear, and we consider a variety of
approaches. The resulting model is discretized using a high-order
discontinuous Galerkin scheme implemented in the freely available software
package DoGPack. The resulting method is applied to several standard
numerical test cases for the Vlasov-Poisson system.

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