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Here is a kind reminder about Tom Trogdon's talk on Tuesday Jan. 5th at
16h00 (HUB 334).

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Dear All,

We hope you can join us for our special AMATH seminar on Tuesday January

Speaker: Tom Trogdon, Courant Institute of Mathematics, NYU
Time: January 5, 16h00
Location: HUB 334

Title: Universality in numerical computations with random data

This talk will concern recent progress on the statistical analysis of
numerical algorithms with random initial data. In particular, with
appropriate randomness, the fluctuations of the iteration count (halting
time) of numerous numerical algorithms have been demonstrated to be
universal, i.e., independent of the distribution on the initial data. This
phenomenon has given new insights into random matrix theory. Furthermore,
estimates from random matrix theory allow for fluctuation limit theorems
for simple algorithms and halting time estimates for others. The
universality in the halting time is directly related to the experimental
work of Bakhtin and Correll on neural computation and human decision-making

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