[Amath-seminars] Jan. 12 - Special AMATH Seminar - Mary Wootters (CMU)

Ulrich Hetmaniuk hetmaniu at uw.edu
Tue Jan 5 22:33:31 PST 2016

Dear All,

We hope you can join us for our special AMATH seminar on Tuesday January

Speaker: Mary Wootters, Carnegie Mellon University
Time: January 12th, 16h00
Location: HUB 250

Title: From compressed sensing to coding theory

I'll discuss two problems, which on the surface seem quite different. The
first, which comes up in signal processing and in algorithm design, is the
problem of coming up with linear, geometry-preserving maps which are
efficient to store and manipulate. The second, which comes up in coding
theory and theoretical computer science, is the problem of establishing the
list-decodability -- a combinatorial property -- of error correcting
codes. I'll establish a connection between these two problems, and discuss
how techniques from high-dimensional probability can be used to handle
both. Punchlines include improved fast Johnson-Lindenstrauss transforms
and structured RIP matrices, and the answer to some longstanding open
combinatorial questions in coding theory.

Speaker webpage
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