[Amath-seminars] Jan. 28 - Special AMATH Seminar - Ivana Bozic (Harvard)

Ulrich Hetmaniuk hetmaniu at uw.edu
Mon Jan 25 08:36:28 PST 2016

Dear All,

We hope you can join us for our special AMATH seminar on **Thursday**
January 28th.

Speaker: Ivana Bozic, Harvard
Time: January 28th, 16h00
Location: SMI 102

Title: Stochastic evolutionary modeling of cancer development and
resistance to treatment

Cancer is the result of a stochastic evolutionary process characterized by
the accumulation of mutations that are responsible for tumor growth, immune
escape, and drug resistance, as well as mutations with no effect on the
phenotype. Stochastic modeling can be used to describe the dynamics of
tumor cell populations and obtain insights into the hidden evolutionary
processes leading to cancer. I will present recent approaches that use
branching process models of cancer evolution to quantify intra-tumor
heterogeneity and the development of drug resistance, and their
implications for interpretation of cancer sequencing data and the design of
optimal treatment strategies.

Speaker webpage
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