[Amath-seminars] (reminder) Boeing Distinguished Colloquium: Emmanuel Candes (Stanford), Today, @4pm in SMI 102

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Thu Mar 10 11:37:52 PST 2016

Dear all,

Please join us at our Boeing Distinguished Colloquia today.


Boeing Distinguished Colloquia

Emmanuel Candes (Stanford)
Place: Smith 102 at 4:00pm

Title: Beyond Compressed Sensing: The Effectiveness of Convex Programming in the Information and Physical Sciences

This talk discusses three concrete problems characterized by incomplete information about an object of interest. The first is the century-old phase retrieval problem where intensity-only measurements – phase information is completely missing – are available about an image as in X-ray crystallography, and we wish to recover the phase. The second is the super-resolution problem where one can only observe the low-frequencies of a signal and/or image due to physical laws, and wish to recover the high-end of its spectrum as to ‘beat’ the diffraction limit’. The third is a problem in data analysis and computer vision, where we observe only a few entries in a data matrix – for instance, users’ preferences for a collection of items – which may have been further corrupted, and we wish to infer reliably all the missing and corrupted entries. To retrieve what seems lost, we describe three simple solutions with a common theme, namely, the use of ideas from convex progra!
mming. We present some theory explaining when one can and cannot expect these methods to provide accurate answers, as well as some applications.


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