[Amath-seminars] Thursday Dec 8 Seminar, 4-5pm Smith 105, Olga Trichtchenko

Loyce M. Adams lma3 at uw.edu
Mon Dec 5 12:00:34 PST 2016

Hi All:

The last Thursday seminar this quarter will be given by our own Olga
Trichtchenko. Olga graduated with her PhD last year, supervised by
Professor Bernard Deconinck, and has been working as a postdoc at the
University College of London. Please join me in hearing about the
research Olga has been doing. Title and abstract follow.

Loyce Adams

Speaker: Olga Trichtchenko
Department of Mathematics
University College of London
Computing solutions to Euler's equations with different conditions at
the surface

In this talk, we discuss models that represent waves in the presence
of gravity, surface tension as well as waves underneath a sheet of ice for
an incompressible, inviscid and irrotational fluid. The resulting equations
can be reformulated in a variety of ways and these lead to different
numerical approaches for computing their solutions. In this talk, we will
discuss these different ways to compute solutions to waves under a
variety of conditions at the surface and show some results in both two
and three dimensions. Once we obtain solutions, we analyse their
stability both analytically and numerically. We show which perturbations
lead to exponentially growing instabilities.

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