[Amath-seminars] Thursday Seminar 4-5pm, Dempsey 104, David Ketcheson

Loyce M. Adams lma3 at uw.edu
Mon Feb 13 15:33:20 PST 2017

Hi All,

Prof. David Ketcheson from KAUST will be giving the seminar this
week. David is one of our own PhD graduates, so come hear about his
research! Below is the title and abstract.

Loyce Adams

Speaker: David Ketcheson

Title: Dispersive effects in first-order hyperbolic systems with periodicity

First-order hyperbolic systems do not describe dispersive waves, but
dispersive effects can arise in such systems as a result of
periodically- or randomly-varying coefficients or ambient state. I
will discuss examples of this in applications including elasticity,
shallow water, and the Euler equations. Effective dispersion can
arise due to both reflection and diffraction of waves, and it can
drastically alter the long-term evolution of solutions, for instance
by leading to solitary waves or by destabilizing shock waves. I will
review what is known about these effects and some open questions.

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