[Amath-seminars] Liza Levina - CORE Seminar - Tues., Apr. 11 @ 4pm

Alan James Perry aperry3 at uw.edu
Tue Mar 7 08:31:26 PST 2017

CORE Seminar: Liza Levina


Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Electrical Engineering Building (EEB), room 125

See attached flyer for more information about this talk.
*Interpretable Prediction Models for Network-Linked Data*

Prediction problems typically assume the training data are independent
samples, but in many modern applications samples come from individuals
connected by a network. For example, in adolescent health studies of
risk-taking behaviors, information on the subjects’ social networks is
often available and plays an important role through network cohesion, the
empirically observed phenomenon of friends behaving similarly. Taking
cohesion into account should allow us to improve prediction. Here we
propose a regression-based framework with a network penalty on individual
node effects to encourage similarity between predictions for linked nodes,
and show that it outperforms traditional models both theoretically and
empirically when network cohesion is present. The framework is easily
extended to other models, such as the generalized linear model and Cox’s
proportional hazard model. Applications to predicting teenagers' behavior
based on both demographic covariates and their friendship networks from the
AddHealth data are discussed in detail.

[image: Elizaveta Levina has picture]

Liza Levina received her PhD in Statistics from UC Berkeley in 2002 and
joined the University of Michigan the same year. Her research interests
include networks, high-dimensional data, and sparsity. She has worked on
estimating large covariance matrices, graphical models, and other topics in
inference for high-dimensional data. She also works on statistical
inference for network data, including problems of community detection and
link prediction. Her research covers methodology, theory, and
applications, especially to spectroscopy, remote sensing and, in the past,
computer vision. She received the junior Noether Award from the ASA in 2010
and was elected a member of ISI in 2011.

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