[Amath-seminars] Mary Silber-- Boeing Colloquium 11/2 4pm

Hannah Choi hannahch at u.washington.edu
Fri Oct 27 17:19:59 PDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the Applied Math Department's Boeing Distinguished Colloquium delivered by Prof. Mary Silber from the University of Chicago.

Mary Silber, Boeing Distinguished Colloquium
When: Thursday, November 2 at 4 PM
Where: Smith Hall 205

The talk will be followed by a reception in the Lewis hall lounge.

The title and abstract are given below:

Two tales of pattern formation: Michael Faraday’s crispations and Alan Turing’s spots

Using two case studies, this talk will describe the role of symmetry-breaking bifurcations in pattern formation. Faraday waves are standing waves that form on the surface of a fluid that is subjected to a vibration. These wave patterns can take on a wide variety of beautiful forms, the nature of which depend on the frequency content of the periodic forcing function. Turing patterns were proposed in the setting of reaction-diffusion systems, and they involve a simple mechanism that is often invoked to explain the appearance of regularly spaced spot and stripe patterns that arise naturally in the environment. I will describe the application of this modeling framework to investigations of large-scale vegetation patterns in dryland ecosystems.


Hannah Choi & Craig Gin

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