[Amath-seminars] Thursday Seminar, Feb 15, 4-5pm, Fred Wan Conference Room, 208 Lewis Hall

Randall J LeVeque rjl at uw.edu
Thu Feb 15 10:28:56 PST 2018

Reminder of the talk this afternoon by Chay Paterson, who recently arrived
in the department.
Come hear about his work!

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 11:17 PM, Loyce M. Adams <lma3 at uw.edu> wrote:

> Hi All,


> This week our new postdoc Chay Paterson who is working with Ivana

> Bozic on cancer modelling will be the speaker. Please come hear about

> his research. His title and abstract are below.


> Loyce Adams


> ----

> Speaker:

> Chay Paterson

> Research Associate

> Applied Mathematics

> University of Washington


> Title:

> An exactly solvable spatial model of clonal selection in cancer


> Abstract:

> Two of the hallmarks of cancer are the accumulation of driver

> mutations which increase the overall survival of cancer cells,

> and their ability to spread. Here we describe an exactly

> solvable mathematical model of a tumour featuring replication,

> mutation and local migration of cancer cells. The model

> predicts a quasi-exponential growth of large turmours, even

> if different fragments of the tumour grow sub-exponentially

> due to e.g. oxygen and space constraints.

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