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Lisa Thomas thomasl at u.washington.edu
Mon Sep 25 13:02:06 PDT 2000

You are receiving this message because as of the September 15, 2000
membership roster you are a member of APRA-NW - the northwest regional
chapter of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement
(APRA). If this is all sounding very unfamiliar and you believe you may
have be receiving this message in error, please reply to Lisa Thomas at
thomasl at u.washington.edu

A new year, a new listserv...In January of 2000 WADRA (the Washington
Development Research Association) became APRA-NW - an official chapter of
the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement. Over the past
spring the board of directors and programming committee pushed APRA-NW
forward with respect to technology, replacing meeting announcements mailed
via the postal service with e-mail notification. This electronic discussion
list is the basis for that e-mail communication. All future APRA-NW meeting
announcements will be sent out via this listserv, appearing in your inbox
(no more misdirected letters) and saving APRA-NW hundreds of dollars each
year in postage. In addition, anyone is welcome to send announcements about
job openings and training opportunities and/or questions and answers about
local research resources to this list.

A few notes: The apra-nw list is intended to supplement, not replace,
prspct-l (the national discussion list for development researchers). If you
are looking for a national audience and/or larger number of responses,
please post your message there. As an open, unmoderated list, apra-nw will
accect postings from anyone. Please respect the purpose of this list
(posting only messages related to development research) and its members.
Anyone posting rude or inappropriate message will be unsubscribed and if
necessary banned from future posting.

Now that the gruff warnings are out of the way, please use and enjoy this


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In the body of your message type only:
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Do not include any other information, such as your name or e-mail address.

For questions not intended for the entire list, please contact the list
owner at:
thomasl at u.washington.edu

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