Lisa Thomas thomasl at u.washington.edu
Mon Jan 22 12:48:50 PST 2001

OPRA, the Oregon Prospect Research Association, is a long-standing,
state-wide prospect research group from Oregon. The members and leadership
of OPRA recently decided there was strength (especially the volunteer type)
in numbers and voted to merge OPRA with APRA-NW. As a result, OPRA members
are being invited to subscribe to the apra-nw listserv and/or join APRA-NW.
OPRA is generously donating its bank account to APRA-NW, which will in turn
look for opportunities to expand its programming to Southwest Washington and

I would like to extend a warm (electronic) welcome to our Oregon colleagues
who have subscribed to the listserv to date, and a huge thanks to Candice
Rogie from Reed College for making this merger a smooth and positive change
for everyone involved.

Lisa Thomas
President, APRA-NW

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