Membership renewals and board nominations

Lisa Thomas thomasl at
Tue Jul 31 14:01:21 PDT 2001

Last week APRA-NW mailed out membership renewal and board nomination forms,
along with a cover letter soliciting the return of both. Just to cover all
bases, the text of the letter appears below and copies of each form are
attached. I do hope you will join/renew and nominate someone enthusiastic
(maybe yourself?) to serve on the board. Thanks, Lisa

July 23, 2001

Dear Current or Potential APRA-NW Member:

Summer is back in the Pacific Northwest, which means farmer tans, Seafair,
and - for APRA-NW - catching up with administrative duties. It is time for
both membership renewals and board elections, both of which offer some
exciting opportunities!

Membership Renewals
APRA-NW memberships used to expire each May; this year we changed the
renewal period to a more convenient September-September schedule. We hope
you will take the time to renew - or if you have been a lapsed member for a
few years rejoin - today. Members in good standing as of this September
will receive an up to date membership directory and a year full of
interesting and informative programs (few of which have any extra charge).
Our September meeting will feature recaps of (and handouts from)
presentations given at the International APRA conference in Chicago. To
renew or join, simply complete the enclosed membership form and send it,
along with your payment, to the address at the bottom of the form. Please
be sure to include current contact information, as it will be used to create
the new membership directory.

Nominations for the Board
It is time once again for APRA-NW to elect new officers. Expiring this year
are the terms of the president, vice-president/treasurer and one director.
Please use the enclosed form to nominate anyone you would like (including
yourself) for office. Chapter board membership is a great way to get
involved in your profession - and work with some great people to boot!

Thanks in advance for both your membership and board nomination forms.
APRA-NW is as exciting and successful as the members who comprise it - your
response is invaluable!

Wishing you sunny summer days,

Lisa Thomas
President, APRA-NW

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