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Susan Corcoran Hayes schayes at u.washington.edu
Fri Sep 28 11:57:49 PDT 2001

Hello again,

This is a reminder of the deadline of Monday, October 1 at 12 noon to send
in your requests to me for the E-wealth book described below. The cost is
$33 including shipping and handling. The book will be sent directly to you.
The single copy price is $150.00. A great deal!

Four APRA-NW members have taken advantage of this buying opportunity so far.

Have a great weekend,

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> Hello to All,


> At the APRA-NW meeting last Friday, I recapped the presentation by


> Cassedy and Peter Glensahaw entitled "Venture Capital and Venture

> Philanthropy".


> One of the sources used as material for the segment on venture


> was the book by Russ Alan Prince and Hannah Shaw Grove called "E-wealth:

> Understanding the Internet Millionaire". Mr. Prince is also the author of

> "The Seven Faces of Philanthropy". The link to the description of the book

> and his bio is shown below:

> http://www.iihighnetworth.com/

> http://www.iihighnetworth.com/rapbio.asp (Russ Alan Prince bio)


> On the book page, go on to click Order, then the highlighted title. At


> bottom of that next page is a PDF link for the table of contents of the

> book.


> Some of the people attending were interested in purchasing the book so I

> investigated the price on a group sale basis. The single copy price is

> $150.00. But, it is only $25 (+ shipping, no tax) if ten or more copies


> purchased in bulk. The University of Washington has decided to purchase


> copies and we invite any of you who wish to purchase just a copy or two to

> join in this order. If your organization wishes to purchase ten or more,


> recommend that you do it separately. The price is $25 regardless of the

> number of copies over 10.


> So, to give you a chance to join this purchase group, the UW will submit


> order on Monday, October 1 no later than 12 noon. We will pay for the


> by credit card and ask that you reimburse us by check payable to the

> University of Washington. To cover the shipping cost to us and then the

> packing and shipping costs to you, the check should be made for $33.


> Please let me know by e-mail if you wish to purchase the book and that you

> are sending a check. Please send the check to me at the address shown



> Any questions, please call or e-mail.


> Susan

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