Hot Off the Press--The Latest Books on Prospect Research

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Thu Oct 17 09:35:04 PDT 2002

In reply to Suzanne's question at yesterday's conference wrap up, here is what Cecilia Hogan knows about upcoming books to be published on the subject of prospect research. Unfortunately, they are not hot off the press, but due soon.

Here's the latest on the book -- "Prospect Research: A Primer for Growing Nonprofits" by Cecilia Hogan with David Lamb (Aspen Publishers) ........ is supposed to come out in the early spring of 2003. It was supposed to come out about now but has been delayed, by no reason having to do with the book itself.
I understand that Susan Cronin Ruderman from Veritas Information Services is writing "a how-to guide for prospect research" that is due out from the publisher Emerson & Church in January 2003.
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