My Job at the Symphony

Susan Corcoran Hayes schayes at
Wed Mar 9 16:15:27 PST 2005

This message is being posted on behalf of past member Cindy Deane of the
Seattle Symphony.

The Seattle Symphony has decided that they can no longer support a Prospect
Researcher. I have not returned from maternity leave.

I just wanted to thank everyone in APRA-NW for your support over the past 2
years and for sharing your "wealth" of knowledge in this field of prospect
research with me. It's been very educational and enjoyable meeting,
communicating and working with all of you. I'm not certain what I will do at
this point in time since I have a 2 month old son right now, but time will

Thank you again for being such welcoming professionals to someone new to the
field initially.

My contact information is now:

Cindy L. Deane

Home: 425-745-0710

Cell: 425-750-4427

mailto:cindeane at

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