[APRA-NW] Election ballots

Jennifer MacCormack jmaccorm at u.washington.edu
Tue Jun 27 10:04:06 PDT 2006

Hi all-

A quick reminder concerning the ballots - we will be sending updated ones to you this week with a stamped return envelope. You do not need to send the one that was put in your folder. Also, the due date is NOT June 24 as it is written on the one those of you who attended the conference received in your packet. You will see the revised date on the ballot that we send.

Thanks all for a great conference yesterday! I apologize for the pumped up AC in the Longhouse, which we tried to remedy but not too successfully, as well as the lack of signs leading the way through the native garden! At least we had the hottest day on record for this month to warm us up during lunch and breaks before heading back into the Arctic-like interior. It was great to see new members and reunite with peers and former colleagues yesterday. After taking some time out to evaluate this conference and consider all of your feedback we'll start planning for next summer!

Thanks again to Evergreen State College for generously donating the space for our conference and to Jessica Balsam, the Prospect Manager there, who worked closely with the APRA-NW board to make it happen!

Jennifer MacCormack
Program Chair, APRA-NW
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