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Christine Mildner chrismildner at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 14:17:34 PDT 2006

I have a long list of Oregon nonprofits for which we track directors in our database when we have time. It has the Web sites for some of the organizations too. Would that be helpful to the group and Wealth Engine?

"Carlsen, Lesley B" <lcarlsen at fhcrc.org> wrote:
Greetings Chapter Members:

The Fred Hutch prospect research team would like to facilitate a donor list exchange following the virtual seminar on May 17th. The purpose of the exchange is twofold:

To allow all chapter members to enhance their personal annual report libraries.
To improve the scope of Wealth Engine's charitable contributions database. Wealth Engine is developing its own in-house charitable contributions database to supplement and eventually replace their version of Waltman's Donor Series. In order to populate this database with information that's useful to us in the Northwest, Wealth Engine has asked us to submit any donor lists and annual reports we'd like to have added to the database.
If you'd like to participate in the exchange and/or have your organization's donor list sent to Wealth Engine, please bring copies of your annual reports to the next virtual seminar.


Lesley Carlsen
Development Officer - Prospect Research
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
823 Yale Avenue N.
Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 667-5747
lcarlsen at fhcrc.org

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