[APRA-NW] Carpooling to the APRA-NW Summer Conference in Olympia

sheila sthayer at u.washington.edu
Mon May 15 12:26:10 PDT 2006

Hello all

It has come to my attention that there is need for carpooling to/from the
APRA-NW Summer Conference in Olympia on June 26 2006.

My thoughts are: those WILLING TO DRIVE could post that fact with an
approximate pickup location (Any State) on the APRA-NW website

Those NEEDING RIDES could check this page and contact someone in their
area. It will be up to the driver and the rider to arrange times/places.

If you are WILLING TO DRIVE send your name, email address and location to
<mailto:roni at u.washington.edu> roni at u.washington.edu


sheila M thayer
RM System Consultant
DRRM Uof Washington
sthayer at u.washington.edu

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