[APRA-NW] geographic challenges of our chapter

Betsy Cooper cooperb at reed.edu
Tue Apr 10 11:17:29 PDT 2007

Hello members of APRA-NW,
I hope you have been having a lovely spring. I have just returned to
work from maternity leave. First, I'd like to give a very big thank you
to Kathryn Norris who ably served as president in my absence. She and
the rest of the board have done an outstanding job planning our spring
conference. I will bask in their reflected glory.

As you all know, APRA-NW covers members in Oregon, Washington, and
Idaho. That's 253,450 square miles of what my grandmother would refer to
as God's country, otherwise known as the Pacific Northwest. Ha! Take
that New England and your pathetic 69,746 square miles! Each of our
states alone is bigger than all of you combined.

While we are clearly superior to every other region in the country on so
many levels, we do face a very large challenge as a chapter in serving
our members in all of those 253,450 square miles. (And boy are my arms
tired!) (Ok, I'm a little sleep deprived.)

Only a little while ago, I was feeling disgruntled because there were
never any programs in Portland. So after feeling sorry for myself for
quite a while, I finally decided to get involved in the chapter. I
didn't really expect to become president. That was kind of an accident.
But now there are more programs available in Oregon than ever before, as
well as continued excellent programming in Washington.

But unfortunately, the people in the southern Willamette Valley, eastern
Washington, eastern Oregon, and Idaho are still flapping in the breeze.
I have not forgotten you guys, but I need your help. I need to hear how
we as a chapter can come together to provide meaningful programming and
mentoring for you. If you are in a remote area of our chapter coverage
and you'd like to get more out of your APRA-NW membership by offering to
host a virtual seminar or brown bag lunch or if you would like to try
teleconferencing with one of the brown bags already scheduled, please
contact me or our programming chair, Jennifer MacCormack. And if you
have other ideas about how we can reach out to the far reaches, please
shout out. We would honestly love to hear anything that we can do to
enrich your professional lives.

Yours in bringing together over a quarter million square miles,
Betsy Cooper
APRA-NW President

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